Unforgiving Destiny

Inside the Relentless Pursuit of a Black-Marketeer

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Part one

The reader becomes the shadow to the couriers as McMillan micro-manages their every step. Meet George the Greek, inveterate gambler in hock to the mob; Secretary Sue who wishes for a better life; Peter Dale the perfect courier: posing as a tennis pro and living a complete fantasy while he masks the reality of drugs in his luggage. And Michael Sullivan, life-long friend of McMillan. 

Double-cross, ruthless ambition and New York mafia all build traps for David, while the DEA build their own ambitions.

In four parts spanning almost forty years, the book begins when, in his twenties, McMillan was at the peak of his criminal career, operating couriers between South America and Europe, Thailand and Australia.

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At 21, David McMillan drifted from the drug-reform movement to begin operating a dozen couriers using multiple passports and stations across the world. The profits would be traded for diamonds.

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Michael Sullivan stood trial with David after couriers turned state witnesses.

Clelia Vigano, David's lover, was charged but fate intervened.

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Unforgiving Destiny is published in the 9” x 6” large-format trade paperback form (the size of a hardback edition) as, at over 400 pages, that format makes for easier reading. Initially, it will be available only on Amazon in Europe, the USA and the United Kingdom.