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Music - behind the book

At times when I was imprisoned in some of the world's worst jails, or being pursued by agencies following an escape, the sounds saved me from losing my real identity, kept hidden under layers of false documentation.

'Master Jack', a one-hit wonder, is a wistful goodbye to childhood; Chain Lightning the deceptive charm of black-market currency in lightly carried briefcases. Jimmy Webb's Macarthur Park carried the lush imagining of the mellow drugs and freed spirit of a 1960s that is less real than lovingly recalled. Couldn't leave out 'White Rabbit', of course.

This is some of the music playing in my mind over the years from the '60s until the early millennium through Unforgiving Destiny.  If language forms the mind, music shapes the soul. [click below for playlist]

You Tube Playlist - Unforgiving Destiny

Music - not always noted in the book - but was always there as I called upon memory.

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