The Relentless Pursuit of a Black Marketeer

If you read only one book on escape;  Just one book on international smuggling; One book on survival against the odds; One journey for 35 years across five continents:

Read Unforgiving Destiny, The true story of the incredible 

2021: July — Release of the audiobook.

Narrated by David McMillan. 

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Two weeks before my execution by machine gun, I abandoned 20 earlier escape plans — and got out the traditional way: Over the wall. The major problem was there were 11 walls.

“To my eyes that day, the fact that everyone was armed to the teeth told another truth: anything worth carrying long distances through hard and dangerous country is often worth more than other travellers’ lives. I hoped it would not be mine for I was twenty-three and too inquisitive to die soon.

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Unforgiving Destiny

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I found myself facing the death penalty, which doesn't take much doing in Thailand - you only need to be charged with 25g or more of A-class drugs or more and you'll be facing the death penalty.

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